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Vacuum Formed like Your iPhone Package

These works are one of a kind castings of the Rio Grande River bed near the borders of New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. The castings were made possible by the river being literally shut off at Elephant Butte Reservoir. Upon the shut off I witnessed thousands of fish die and the riparian habitat crumble. I began walking the river to witness the sacrifice we, a society have made in order to maintain industrial agriculture in the Arid South West. These castings are a result of my time spent walking hundreds of miles of the Rio Grande casting the textures water left behind in the sacrificed areas of the Rio Grande. Each square foot of land existed when the river was shut off during the winter of 2018. This area of 'river' coined the Forgotten Reach is being debated in an ongoing Supreme Court case.


NFT Purchases:

Higher quality image available upon purchase and 3D scan/model available upon negotiation.

Each purchase also supports my ongoing earth art efforts, carbon sequestration, and grassland restoration efforts. 

Rio Grande, Plastic, Aluminum

12 in x 12 in x 3 in each

Boxes upon purchase 24 in x 36in

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